Friday, January 29, 2010

Today, I joined One World One Heart and am entering my latest faerie pouch as a giveaway. I am just learning crazy quilting, silk ribbon embroidery and embroidery and this is the fourth pouch I have made.

Please leave me a comment if you wish to enter my giveaway and leave your e-mail address so I can send the pouch to you if you win.
I look forward to meeting many people from around the world.
If you would like to do your own draw visit to enter.
I will draw a name on February 15th, 2010.


  1. Gorgeous! Please count me in your drawing! I have to tell you that hedgehog on your sidebar is the cutest little thing EVER! Is it your pet? Bab animals are always cute! Thanks for visiting me at Loveleigh Treasures and have a terrific day!

  2. Hi Leone,
    Love this event that made it possible to learn about your blog!
    Nice of you to visit mine (#7) at Loose Ends!
    Thank you for the chance to become a happy owner of your giveaway.
    Smiles from the Netherlands!

  3. So very pretty, thanks for visiting.
    Enter my name too
    aloha Lilla

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